• Aldeepo Portable Mini Handheld Speaker

    Portable – Compact design, facile to grasp with one hand, the verbalizer can additionally be hung on backpacks, bicycles, tents, branches or walls when hiking, climbing, camping, etc.
    Resplendent – The iconic rounded outline, fabric cover and portable aluminum handle are cumulated with shell-shaped exterior design to integrate into your family.
    Long Battery Life – After being plenarily charged, the medium power can last for 5 hours uninterrupted, sanctioning you to keep music day and night during peregrinate, work, recreation, and alfresco sports.
    Waterproof – Plenarily enclosed cavity design, waterproof, exquisite and stable, without trepidation of falling and being beaten, sealed and dustproof design, when you It can be utilized in astringent environments such as lakes, jungles, and deserts during peregrinate.
    Bluetooth 5.0 – Stable Transmission, more expeditious and stable celerity. It efficaciously abbreviates the playback delay and achieves stability without stuttering. No delay, propagation range 10M, compatible with all Bluetooth contrivances.

    – Material: Plastic Electronic components
    – Size: 184x90x195mm/7.2×3.5×7.7inch
    – Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
    – Battery Life: 5 Hours
    – Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
    – Shape: Shell
    – Features: Portable Mini Handheld

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