• Vaseline Gentle Protective Petroleum Baby Jelly – 250ml

    Gentle Protective Petroleum Baby Jelly 
    Vaseline pure petroleum jelly original has been used to protect and heal dry skin for over 100 years and is ideal for all ages as well as all skin types.Vaseline Jelly Baby is a gentle jelly that keeps babies’ skin soft and smooth. Babies have sensitive skin that needs to be cared for with specially formulated products – so it is essential to choose products that are effective at soothing and preventing diaper rash, and kind to your baby’s skin, like Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for baby. Relieve and Prevent Diaper Rash. Diaper rash is common in babies, so be prepared and have an effective remedy on hand.
    When your baby is suffering with diaper rash, it’s crucial to restore moisture and soothe the skin as quickly as possible. Vaseline Jelly Baby helps to relieve and prevent dry, chafed skin from diaper rash by locking in moisture to help the dry skin heal. Vaseline for baby also creates a protective barrier to prevent friction between diapers and your baby’s skin, which can help solve the problem of diaper rash before it occurs. It also comes in a recyclable, flip cap jar, making it convenient and simple to use. Weight 0.106 kg.

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