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    Having the right equipment means reducing a lot of potential frustrations when you play live. Making sure you won’t have to deal with distortion and lack of power and reliability is often worth paying a few more bucks for a better piece of equipment. Here is a tip on what to look for you for live sound power amps; Cortina A200 Digital Karaoke Power Amplifier.

    The Cortina A200 Digital Karaoke Power Amplifier has everything musicians love about live sound power amps including great sound quality, durability, and reliability. It has tons of power plus a low-noise operation ideal for gigs in medium-sized clubs, church services, and public spaces. It works with mobile PA systems, too.

    The front panel has simple controls that give you all the important signs you need. Independent gain dials are on both channels with clip LEDs that let you know when there is distortion. All you need to do is reduce the gain. Signal LEDs also light up when the input is present.

  • Cortina A200 Digital Karaoke Power Amplifier

    Sold By: impex ltd

    Cortina A200 Digital Karaoke Power Amplifier Key Features and Specifications

    • Extends Up to 1200 watts
    • Designed for easy installation and straightforward operation
    • Gain controls.
    • Provided with Precise Power, Signal, and Clip LEDs to monitor performance.
    • Low-frequency filters remove ear-damaging infra-sound frequencies
    • Ventilation system for reliable operation
    • Mic ports
    • LED status display
    • Volume controller for each mic port
    • USB port
    • SD port
    • Power button
    • FM
    • Well ventilated
    • 2 channel

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