Hisense 6Kg Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine – Silver


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Hisense 6Kg Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine – Silver
The little budget … unfortunately does not go by itself. So a helper has to come here! The Hisense washing machine makes washing clothes much easier. Whether bright, colorful or fine – with a capacity of up to seven kilograms, dirty laundry almost disappears by itself. And thanks to the fast spin speed of 1,200 rpm, the laundry is dry again in no time. As a true helper, the device can do even more: The “snowflakes” -breaker drum is particularly gentle to fine textiles. The anti-foam sensor system protects against over dosage of detergent – this protects the skin when wearing the clothes. The Aqua Stop hose prevents flooding. The drum cleaning program cleans the drum completely without any chemicals and removes deposits, bad odors and prolongs the life of the washing machine. And with the start time delay, the washing process will start exactly when you want it. Extra Plus: The energy efficiency class A +++ protects the environment and the wallet, because the energy consumption is particularly low.
Selecting a washing machine that you can trust with clothes is just as important as the detergent you use. All Hisense washing machines are built to the highest standards, making any choice you make a smart choice.OVERVIEW – 360° SMART WASH TECHNOLOGYSMART WATER & POWER USAGE360° Smart Wash Technology automatically measures the weight of your laundry and sets the appropriate washing time.STOP & RELOADEver started your front load washing machine and forgot a few items. No need to worry just “Stop and Reload”.imageSMART SPIN IMBALANCE ADJUSTMENTRedistributes your laundry inside the drum to ensure smooth and quiet spin operation.
SMART I. PROGRAMCreature of habit? Save your favorite wash cycle by pressing the “I. Program” button for 3 seconds. Simply recall it on your next wash by pressing a single “I. Program” button.
TIME DELAYWant to start your wash cycle later to suit your schedule? Press the “Delay” touch button to select the delay time up to 23 hours.imageSMART DETERGENT DISSOLVINGAutomatically measures and adjusts water temperature to better suit dissolve detergent for your wash.SMART FOAM CONTROLAutomatically measures and adjusts the amount of foam build-up during the wash cycle. Too much detergent may create excess foam and leave residue on your clothes.imageSMART WASH TIME ADJUSTMENTAdjusts wash time based on the weight of your laundry.
Key Features
  • Energy Saving for Money
  • Super Quick Wash for Time Saving
  • Intelligent LED Display
  • Snowflake Drum for Clothes Protecting
  • Smart Spin Balance control.
  • Drum Self Clean for Health
  • 45-degree High Handle Design

What’s in the box

  • Washing MachineManual


  • Capacity (L): 6
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: Silver
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CON-ELE-0249SS-Hisense 6Kg Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine – Silver

Hisense 6Kg Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine - Silver


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