LED lamp of colorful light shoes


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Children’s single-wheeled Heelys boys and girls roller shoes wheel shoes roller skates flash shoes light shoes student automaticMaterial: high-quality artificial leather fiber (superior)

Crowd: Unisex models
Advantages: The style is simple and fashionable, the inside and outside PU deodorant is easy to deal with, the versatile couple style, the cost-effective, the light is strong and the turning rate is an artifact.
Light-emitting principle: rechargeable, USB charging, 3-5 hours full charge can maintain light for about 8 hours
Special attention: try to use mobile phone charging head or computer to charge the shoes.

[Where is the charging port? 】On the inside of the shoe mouth! Take the shoe and look directly at the inside of the shoe mouth to see it!

[Where is the switch? 】The switch is also on the inside of the shoe opening. In order to facilitate everyone to find the switch quickly, the position next to the charging head is the position of the switch! You can feel it with your hand

[How long does it take to charge?] It is recommended to charge it for 3-4 hours. If you forget to charge for a while, it will be fine, but after all, it is an electronic product. Please take care of it!

[When do I need to recharge] When the light is dimmed, you can consider charging. It is recommended to recharge after a day of wearing. For some lazy friends, you can also recharge every one or two days~

[Will the light be on when charging? 】When charging, plug it directly into the charging head of the computer or mobile phone. It does not matter if there is no prompt. The charging is in progress…..1 Just confirm whether there is electricity when you are a child.

[Is the light bright enough? 】Friends from outing sent back photos. At night in the suburbs, the illumination range is about 1 meter, which is completely strong lighting!

[How to maintain and clean shoes] Wipe gently with a moist cloth and ventilate! Very simple and fast. Don’t flush against the tap violently! The insole can be taken out and washed directly. The maintenance method of this shoe is the same as leather shoes, and the upper can be maintained with white shoe polish

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LED lamp of colorful light shoes


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