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5Litres Pressure Cooker 

Explosion-proof aluminum alloy pressure cooker: energy saving, time saving, rapid heating, high efficiency, high sealing rubber ring, multiple safety protection high quality stainless steel food safety material, pressure safety and control, hotel commercial large capacity, explosion-proof safety design

Large capacity: modern kitchen utensils, cooking dishes for yourself and the whole family, Suitable for home cooking surfaces: Suitable for any type of electricity, gas, induction, ceramic oven, due to its three-layer bottom to prevent the induction cooker from aging or to produce a special taste, Always place the induction cooker in a well ventilated area

Bakelite cookware handle with sealed closure for faster cooking time and safer use and easy to use. Anti-rust materials and unique structure make it worth buying

Modern design: the sealing system keeps the food flavor and makes cooking faster.


Before using for the first time, the pot, lid and seal must be cleaned and ready for use.

Before use, check whether the exhaust pipe is unobstructed. Clean the float valve, safety valve, anti-blocking cover and residue in the exhaust pipe after each use.

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Other 5Litres Pressure Cooker -Silver


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